FIM Women & Bike Promotion – Losail (Qatar) : Big success for the first training camp outside Europe

FIM Women & Bike Promotion – Losail (Qatar) : Big success for the first training camp outside Europe

The training camp set up by Bike Promotion in collaboration with the FIM Women in 2013, experiencing a real success since it was launched. For the third consecutive year, the promotion of female pilots continues.

Crédit photo @bike Promotion
Crédit all photos in this paper @bike Promotion

The appointment outside Europe was set! The camp has set its wheels at the Losail International circuit in Qatar from 18th to 23rd October.

For the first time since its inception, the course 100% female left the European circuits to conquer the world! And for this first experience outside of the known boundaries, Bike Promotion and the FIM Women have chosen the perfect place to do it : Qatar

With the full support of the President of the Qatar Motorcycling Federation (QMMF), Mr. Nasser Khalifa Al Attiya, the first training camp was a great success for the 21 women pilots who made the trip. One notes almost 10 nationalities represented and female instructors renowned as the talented Nina Prinz and Shelina Moreda (American pilot). Other instructors present, it’s heavy! Two former MotoGP riders, Simon Crafar and Jürgen Fuchs and the lovely Alex Cudlin riding in the superbike QMMF.

Crédit photo @bike Promotion De gauche à droite : Nita Korhonen / Shélina Moreda /
From left to right: Nita Korhonen / Shelina Moreda / Nasser Khalifa Al Attiya,

Nasser Khalifa Al Attiyah, Deputy President and President of the FIM QMMF: « We are very pleased to welcome women pilots training in Qatar and to work with Nita FIM Women. I hope that the experience allowed all the riders to progress and achieve the desired level. We have a female category in our championship, so we are very pleased to have different nationalities on the Losail International circuit. This is an added value for us. Also thank you to the FIM for this opportunity and we hope this will not be the last, perhaps we expect more in the future, so thank you to everyone and women who participated, and we wish them a good season competition. « 

nina prinz + qmmf + lsoail + fim women + 2015
Nina Prinz Interviewed by QMMF TV with Marta Roig and Eduard Barcelo Porta – Photo: Bike Promotion

What is the training camp ?

This camp is a unique opportunity for women pilots to train on a MotoGP circuit, to improve their knowledge and their technique and receive personalised coaching.

You should know that this training camp is open to women pilots that run at national, European or international, and want to improve their riding technique. Each participant must simply be in possession of a national license, continental or international.

In the background, this training camp obviously aims to identify future road racing or speed races champions although it is open to all-level riders.

Finally, this training camp offers training and personalised coaching activities, free sessions on track (timed of course, we keep the competition spirit) as well as various workshops.

Girls on Track! Circuit MotoGP at Losail (Qatar)

During three wonderful days, female riders entered, and have benefited from a quality coaching training, all this in a sweet cocktail of joy and good temper. Female riders had two night sessions and a day session on the Losail International Circuit. Very fast and technical circuit: 16 turns, 11 rights and lefts 5, all on 5,4km of pure happiness!

Crédit photo : Bike promotion
Crédit photo : Bike promotion

Before hitting the track, a presentation of the motorcycle BMW S1000 RR 2015, was assured by former MotoGP rider Jürgen Fuchs. Simple and effective, Jürgen Fuchs, gave the elements necessary to grip the beautiful (or horse beast) while explaining how to use the electronics of the bike at its best on the track.

pilote moto gp

Recent BMW S1000 RR

Girls have benefited from the guidance paths, position and personal corrections. After each session, instructors took the time to debrief with their respective groups of drivers.

fim women + correction

During the sessions, instructors also rode with them to correct and direct them live on the track.

nina prinz

A comprehensive, professional and efficient Training camp begins with a briefing, and yes even internationally when we take the track, we must do a briefing, in which will be on display throughout the program but also the safety rules concerning the Losail circuit.

Bike Promotion reveals the programm, presents the team of instructors, mechanics and explains the course of our three days rolling on the Qatar track.

Nita Korhonen, President of the FIM Women, also talks about this training camp and explains why and how it wished to support women and promote women in motorcycle around the world and in all disciplines.

hotel doha + bike promotion +fim women

On the circuit, the organiser gives « a little booster shot » of safety standards and rules to follow on the track, the pit lane and paddock.

Losail International briefing

briefing circuit de losail international
Briefing with Jürgen Fuchs

A physical training

A fitness session was also scheduled each morning. It’s Carolin Juretko, motorcycle and rider fitness instructor, who takes care of the girls for nearly one and a half hour. The riders were able to enjoy a private lesson and tips to be able to train at home.

Carolin Juretko, generous, will also accompany the girls on the paddock to help them during those three days.

Fim Women & Bike Promotion + Losail + Succès évident pour le premier camp d'entrainement hors de l'Europe
fitness also in the dock

Mental Preparation

This year, the preparation is the new key point of the programme. Indeed, Endress Walburga, completes the preparation of high-level riders. Walburga Endress gives mental preparation tips to riders so that they are sure of themselves and feel safe on the bike. Several exercises will be made for nearly 30 minutes.

atelier preparation mentale fim women
Mental preparation workshop FIM women

Mechanical workshop

For over an hour, the former MotoGP rider, Simon Crafar, taught the pilots « how to » drive a motorcycle on the one hand and what is the importance in the mechanics on the other. Group B and C, have benefited from the valuable advice of a great champion. Group A was already on the track!

cours de mécanique par salmon
mechanics course by Salmon simon

Extract of upcoming Interview of women rider ! 

Mariuxi Taranto : « My name is Mariuxi Taranto and I’m a passionate rider from Ecuador. I have a 2014 Panigale S that use for traveling, an 2008 GSXR1000 for the race track and my favorite of all a 2010 Suzuki 450rmz super motard. I’ve been riding motorcycles since 2011 and in 2013 I decided to get serious so I started to look for riding schools and I found out through Facebook about the FIM Women’s training camp. I had the opportunity to join my first camp in 2014 at Almeria and after this great experience I decided to join again in Qatar. The camp has helped me improve my riding skills and showed me how to prepare myself physically and mentally for riding. It gave me the chance to experience the amazing Losail Circuit and to meet really amazing girls like Lydia Truglio! I recommend it to all the girls out there that want to improve their riding. My personal goal is to race bikes whether is on asphalt or dirt and maybe one day to be able to drift and wheelie my bikes! »

From left to right : Mariuxi Taranto, Amelie Mesecke and Luisa Sansón
From left to right : Mariuxi Taranto, Amelie Mesecke and Luisa Sansón

Summary Video QMMF TV

More information

The magazine could not miss such an event and went discreetly with his Miss RR. Therefore, a series of interviews, articles will follow this article. Stay connected!

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